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Are you looking to expand your agricultural business? Consider farm land finance through Australian Agri Finance, the industry experts.

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Land Financing With Australian Agri Finance

At Australia Agri Finance, we offer land finance and land leasing options for farmers seeking to expand their business without the upfront costs. Leasing land is becoming increasingly common across the agricultural business sector, helping big or small farming businesses looking to boost their production without expending the capital to purchase property. 

With a customised finance arrangement, Australian Agri Finance can help you acquire adjoining properties or expand to strategic locations without the risk involved in purchasing property. Compared to traditional land finance or a property loan, this arrangement helps support your business growth without taking on a long-term debt.

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How Agricultural Land Finance Works

Financing land with Australian Agri Finance is a great way to grow your business. In this unique arrangement, Australian Agri Finance will purchase the desired land for your business and enter into a contract that will see you lease the land from us. 

Your lease payments will be a percentage of the purchase price and will typically be structured over a fixed period of time. At the end of the lease contract, you will have the option to purchase the land yourself, giving you maximum flexibility in expanding your operation. 

This land finance option allows you to acquire land and start using it as soon as possible without facing the high capital cost of purchasing. If you think this arrangement might work for your business there are a few factors to consider. 

Variable elements of a land lease include the length of the lease, repayment costs, restrictions on the property and leasing responsibilities – and when you talk to AAF, we’ll walk you through all the details, ensuring the agreement suits your business needs. 

To find out more about farming land finance options, contact the team at Australian Agri Finance today.

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Sale & Leaseback

Many Australian farming businesses are asset rich, but managing working capital and cash flow in uncertain times is one of the biggest challenges. If this is the case for your business, consider entering a sale and leaseback arrangement with our team at Australian Agri Finance. 

A sale and leaseback financial arrangement is an excellent option if your business is in need of immediate cash flow or a financial boost. This finance agreement involves our team buying equipment or machinery that your business has already purchased. We will then arrange a contract to lease the product back to you over agreed terms. 

Our sale & leaseback option is just one of the ways we aim to support Australia’s critical agricultural sector. You’ll retain use of your existing equipment while freeing locked up capital and increasing your cash flow. 

If you think a sales and leaseback arrangement will benefit your business, get in touch with the Australian Agri Finance team. We’ll work together to build an agreement that will suit your business needs.

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